Welcome to your The Burnout Barometer: Your Team's Lifeline

How often do your employees have to work overtime or on weekends to complete their work?

How often do your employees report feeling overwhelmed by their workload?

Our employees feel like they have a clear understanding of what's expected of them in terms of their workload.

Our employees feel they have control over how they perform their job.

How often are employees able to make decisions that affect their work without needing approval from management?

Our employees are given autonomy in how they prioritize their work.

Are employees recognized for their work and contributions?

Are employees compensated fairly and competitively for their work?

Are employees given opportunities for career growth and development?

Does the company encourage social connection and collaboration among employees?

Are employees provided with resources and support for managing stress and burnout?

Is there open and honest communication between management and employees?

Are employees clear on their job duties and responsibilities?

Are employees given feedback and direction on their performance and how it aligns with company goals?

Do managers provide clear guidance and support for career advancement within the company?

On average, how many vacation days do your employees take each year?

Are employees able to use flexible schedules, such as working from home or adjusting their work hours?

Do you have policies in place to prevent employees from working excessive hours or taking work home with them?

Do employees have uninterrupted time during their workday to complete their tasks and projects?

Do employees have back-to-back meetings scheduled throughout their workday?

How would you describe the level of engagement among your team members?

How well do your employees manage stress?

How often do team members call in sick?

How frequently do you observe signs of exhaustion or burnout in your employees?