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I am a qualified Success Coach, Clinical Psychologist, author, speaker, wife and mother of two.

For the past two decades, I have worked on improving the health and well-being of high achievers who so often sacrifice their self-care as a result of work demands and get caught up with everyone else’s expectations that they end up burning out at alarming rates. So when I started to experience overwhelm and burnout, the irony of the situation was not lost on me.

I, too, am a high achiever, so I naturally have never-ending to-do lists. My brain is always coming up with more ideas. I would have too much on my mind, no direction, and would focus on unimportant items while forgetting about more important ones. It would feel like there is never enough time to do everything I want to do and I would end up feeling stressed.

Coaching taught me systems around organization, planning, and time management. Now, I am super clear about what I need to get done each week, I plan for it and I stick to my plans. As a result of my optimized performance and mindset practices, I get more done in less time, have replaced overwhelm with accomplishment, and most importantly – empower my clients to reach their potential.

Through the integration of psychology and mindfulness, I’ve created a comprehensive and transformative program that teaches stressed-out high achievers how to effectively navigate their work and personal life so they can thrive. I love that my work inspires them to think BIGGER, feel more grounded, and handle challenging situations with ease.

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Dr. Sharon Grossman is the author of The 7E Solution to Burnout and an Emotional Intelligence expert. She holds a doctorate degree in Psychology, has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and 20 years of experience helping her clients take back control of their lives.

About My Program

Overwhelm to Optimal is for women in medicine: high achievers with a demanding career who often play double duty at home as the primary caretaker and who continuously push themselves too hard. In responding to external demands and ingrained inner beliefs, you overlook your own needs and become exhausted.

Through a 9-step process, this course takes you on a journey to regain control of your emotions. It will teach you how to quickly accomplish your work tasks and have more time for yourself. And you’ll learn how to shift your mindset to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies and conquer your impostor syndrome.

As a result of the resilience you will build, you will feel empowered, recognize that you are remarkable, and become unstoppable.

Module one

Recognize Your Anxiety


  • Understand what anxiety is, where it comes from, and how it affects you.
  • Recognize 3 ways in which anxiety can serve you in your work life.
  • Learn 2 approaches to rapidly transform your anxiety into a sense of calm, helping you focus better on the tasks at hand.


The medical profession can be stressful and you notice that you feel “anxious” or “stressed” when thinking about your work. But how much do you truly understand about what these emotions mean? You might also have a negative association with these feeling states because you don’t yet know how they can work for you.

When you don’t understand your anxious mind, you might judge yourself for not being able to control it, worry that you will always feel this way, and panic even more. By recognizing what triggers you to feel as you do and what you can do about it, you will shift your worries to a sense of hope about what’s possible.

Module Two

Build Resilience and Bounce Back More Quickly


  • Build up healthy routines to maintain your energy and sanity so you can show up for your patients and family more effectively.
  • Set boundaries around your time and energy.


You lead a robust lifestyle. Work and family obligations take up the majority of your time. It can feel impossible to make time for yourself, but you know something has to change. You want to do your job in a sustainable way and avoid burnout.

In this module, you will learn how to restructure your personal time. With that in place, you will be able to incorporate self-care habits that protect you from the effects of everyday stressors.

You will also learn how to protect your energy by minimizing your exposure to negative environmental influences.

Module Three

Resourcefully Manage Your Time


  • Establish clear boundaries that help you know when to stop working.
  • Conquer the fear that keeps you saying “yes.”
  • Get clear on priorities and on how and when to set appropriate boundaries without the guilt.
  • Set realistic expectations rather than set yourself up for failure.
  • Learn 6 strategies to get your documentation done more quickly and painlessly.
  • Increase awareness of how long tasks take and avoid overcraming your schedule.
  • Overcome your overwhelm by breaking tasks down into manageable chunks.
  • Get your work done efficiently and still have time for yourself.
  • Master the art of scheduling your time in advance.


The demands on your time are endless and can easily overwhelm you. This might result from a difficulty in turning down other people’s requests, from trouble delegating out tasks, or from not accurately estimating how long tasks will take. When you can’t get all your work done in time, it starts to spill into your personal life.

Being resourceful can save you lots of time. In this module, you will learn effective time management strategies that set you up for success, help you overcome the fear that keeps you saying “yes” to other people’s priorities, and set intentions ahead of time rather than fill in the time you have with less important tasks. 

Module Four

Reconstruct Your Limiting Beliefs


  • Tackle your fear of failure that leads you to strive too hard by shifting your core beliefs.
  • Learn mindset strategies for doing your best work.
  • Overcome perfectionism and procrastination.


Too often, fears drive your behaviors. You might push yourself too hard or strive to do things perfectly, which only perpetuates stress. You want to deliver high quality work, but tell yourself that if you can’t check all the boxes or do your best, you don’t want to do it at all. You then choose nothing a lot of the time. And, when the results don’t meet your expectations, your self-worth plummets.

There are deeply buried assumptions that lead to these fears in the first place. In this module, you will discover the underlying negative core beliefs you need to change, learn how to reverse them, and consequently improve how you feel.

Rather than think about your performance in a dualistic way or as representative of your worth, you will gain the tools and mindset shifts to manage perfectionism and overcome procrastination.

Module Five

Turn On Your Rational Mind


  • Get out of the negative spiral of anxiety through concrete tips and by investigating your thoughts with powerful questions.
  • Turn your worries into problem-solving ideas so that you can start achieving your tasks.
  • Manage your anxious thoughts rationally while preparing for the worst case scenario.
  • Learn to put things into the right perspective when you get hit emotionally by bad news.
  • Increase your tolerance for uncertainty and your ability to trust yourself when you have to take decisions.


Many women in medicine struggle with anxiety. They spiral out of control with worried thoughts, especially when faced with uncertainty. They fear things won’t get done and worry about making mistakes at work because of the high stakes involved.

When your emotions run high, it is nearly impossible to think about your circumstances rationally. You will learn how to put things in perspective, investigate your thoughts, and make astute decisions when responding to a stressor. Ultimately, you will be able to trust yourself to figure out solutions even if it’s impossible to predict what the future will bring.

Module Six

Refocus Your Mind on What You Want


  • Refocus your mind from future possibilities of what could go wrong to what is going right.
  • Learn mindfulness strategies to help you be more present and calm when you get done with your work day.
  • Spend less time worrying.
  • Learn to focus on safety cues and on what is in your control.
  • Overcome the mind habit of filtering out the positives.
  • Set positive anchors so you can be in charge of your emotions even when under pressure.
  • Make strategic decisions about how to most efficiently and effectively serve your patients.
  • Focus on aspects of your work you love most to get maximal joy out of each day.


In an effort to keep you safe, your mind often focuses on threats and perceived dangers. But because your mind can’t differentiate between true threats and worried thoughts, this only makes you excessively anxious.

It is your job to override this automatic processing by shifting your focus. In this module, we will uncover effective strategies to refocus your mind on safety cues, the positives in your life, and on what you can control. You will also learn mindfulness strategies that draw your attention back to the “here-and-now.”

Your mind also tends to look to the past to determine what will happen. Instead of focusing on past failures, you get to imagine what’s possible, align your thoughts and feelings with the potential you want to create, and reprogram your mind to elicit the response you want to exhibit under pressure.

Module Seven

Reframe Your Negative Thinking


  • Turn your negative self-talk around by exchanging self-criticism for self-compassion.
  • Align your thinking with how you want to feel.
  • Shift your perspective from stuckness to empowerment.


What you focus on becomes your reality. If you focus on the negative, you will experience more helplessness and resignation. If you believe circumstances can’t improve, you will struggle to find the motivation to keep going.

Optimism is not something you are born with. It is a skill you can develop. In this module, learn to turn your negative self-talk around. Instead of blaming yourself for mistakes in the past, worrying about doing something wrong in the future, and feeling frustrated about being stuck in perpetual worries, you will learn to reconstruct your interpretations to work for you rather than against you.

Module Eight

Relax Your Body and Mind


  • Release physical tension from your body.
  • Ground your energy so you can feel more centered and balanced.
  • Learn a powerful technique to melt away any built-up stress.


Tension builds in the body as a result of stress and anxiety. The more tense you feel physically, the more anxious you may feel. The more anxious you feel, the more likely you are to avoid seemingly scary scenarios or look outside of yourself for a quick way to calm your nerves. This only leads to poor habits like procrastination, addictions, and lowered immunity.

To break the cycle, you will learn about effective strategies that not only release tension from you body, but also relax your mind. Take back control of your life and restore your energy quickly and effectively.

Module Nine

You Are Remarkable


  • Separate your self-worth from your productivity so you can feel good about yourself no matter what.
  • Adopt a growth mindset and learn to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Learn to love yourself as you are so you can experience success without the exhaustion.


It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that you need to achieve greatness before you can feel good about yourself. When you believe that you are not enough, your brain looks for confirming evidence and you end up creating a negative self-fulfilling prophecy that leaves you feeling dissatisfied and exhausted.

In this module, you will learn how to upgrade your identity, shift to a growth mindset, get out of your own way, and celebrate you as you are.

What My Clients Say

In just 90 days as a result of working through Sharon’s coaching program, my thinking changed. This sounds simple but it revolutionized my life. I stopped feeling anxious about not being readily available all the time. As a result, I started sleeping more each night and my energy dramatically increased. I feel more in control of my thoughts now and most importantly, I am able to focus on work during my work time and on my home life during home time. I’m so glad I found her! She has helped me change my life for the better!

Amy Burden

Family Nurse Practitioner

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