Dr. Sharon is a thought leader on burnout who has contributed original content in the form of podcasts, blogs, and interviews. She continues to shape the field as a top expert.

Dr. Sharon’s Podcasts

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Fearless Freedom

Right Brain Rounds

Surgeon Masters (part 1)

Surgeon Masters (part 2)

The Compliance & Ethics Blog

The Self-Care Chronicle

The Bodacity Show

Health Media Now

Happy Hour

I am Refocused

Mindset of Steel

Business Growth Café

Law Firm Growth

What’s Your Emergency

Above Average

Finding Her


Holistic Creators

The Well-Being Connector

Breakthrough Succcess

Blunt Dissection

Changing the Sales Game

Living to 100 Club

Don’t Quit

The Healing Place

Thrive Bites

Bri Undeniably

Inner Wellness

Inner Voice

Best Advice

Financial Freedom for Physicians

Art of Passive Income (Land Geek)

Rialto Marketing


How To Make a Podcast

The Winning Zone

Boundless Body Radio

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Getting Work to Work

Career Up Now

Copeland’s Corner

Marketing the Invisible

It’s Not Rocket Science

New Mind Creator


Successful Millenials

Spiritual Sh*t You Need to Know

Inspired Stewardship (Part 1)

Inspired Stewardship (Part 2)

Inspired Stewardship (Part 3)

Inspired Stewardship (Part 4)

The Healer’s Cafe

The Lucky Titan


How Not to Think

Medicine Revived

The Business Society Podcast

The Simple Life

Encouragement Engineering

Stories of Inspiring Joy

Healthcare Provider Happy Hour