FREE Burnout Checklist

So that you can recover and thrive at work and in life

In This Exclusive FREE Training, you will:


  • Learn what to look out for when it comes to burnout so you can catch it early
  • Find out why your recovery efforts are often insufficient
  • Discover what you can do to prevent burnout from recurring again and again
  • Receive the Burnout Checklist and additional bonuses when you stay until the end

Sharon Grossman

FREE Burnout Checklist

Bonuses for attending:

Many high achievers experience burnout. But burnout can manifest differently for everyone.   

With the Burnout Checklist, find out how burnout is impacting you. The sooner you crack the code on burnout, the sooner you’ll get back on your feet to fulfill your mission in the world. 

You will also receive an email series to help you:

  • Transform negative emotions without changing your circumstances
  • Uncover the truth behind your lack of time for self-care
  • Find out the symptoms and steps for recovery from burnout
  • Understand how beliefs contribute to burnout


“Dr. Sharon has helped me to increase my confidence, clarify my vision, and she has equipped me with the tools and blueprint to navigate this tough terrain.

She constantly plants the seeds to make me think BIGGER…and the feeling is exhilarating…”

Karren E. Henderson

Founder, Craeimar Enterprises

“Dr. Sharon was fantastic in helping unblock some life changing events that were affecting me for years.

I was also having difficulty balancing my work and life schedule. She helped me set up a plan to spend more time with my kids.”

Tom Schoensee

Senior System Designer

“I feel like I gained insights into myself and my habits, patterns of behavior, and my expectations of myself.

I was able to contextualize my goals and what I want out of life. My experience working with Dr. Sharon was very positive and empowering.”

Kerri Johannson, M.D.