Recover and Prevent Burnout By Knowing Your Type


  • Are you chronically stressed by your work?
  • Do you struggle to balance your career and family life?
  • Are you so utterly exhausted that it’s impossible to focus on work?
  • Do you feel stuck with no motivation?
  • Are you stuck in analysis paralysis?
  • Do you experience debilitating anxiety and overwhelm?
  • Does work take you too long to complete?
  • Are you filled with resentment about your job or even your industry?
  • Do you have the Sunday Blues because you know tomorrow you’ll be back at work?
  • Are you disappointed that you haven’t realized your full potential?
  • Is it impossible to slow down even though you’re falling apart?
  • Do you keep burning out after you recover or worry that you will?

Join us for a unique opportunity to crack the code on your burnout so you can recover the RIGHT way.

Dr. Sharon Grossman


  • 5 video modules (Valued at $2000)
  • A workbook for each of the modules (Valued at $500)
  • Access to the Decode Your Burnout Community (Valued at $300)
  • 30 minute coaching session with me once you complete the course (Valued at $250)
  • Burnout Checklist (Valued at $99)
  • Email Series on Burnout (Valued at $297)

Total Value: $3446

Your Price: $297


THE POWER OF PROGRAMMING – Discover how adversity in childhood and other forms of conditioning have influenced your beliefs and ways of coping.

THE IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENT– Identify the three biggest environmental influences on your well-being that contribute to burnout.

THE SHAPING OF YOUR PERSONALITY – Decode your personality type and how it leads to burnout.

THE TRUTH ABOUT BURNOUT – Connect the dots to uncover why YOU burn out based on your mind, feelings, and actions and how burnout manifests for you

HOW TO RECOVER – Find out which universal strategies can help you recover from burnout at work and in life.

INTEGRATING RECOVERY AND PERSONALITY – Compile burnout recovery strategies that align with your unique personality.



Many high achievers experience burnout. But burnout can manifest differently for everyone. With this checklist, find out how burnout is impacting you. The sooner you crack the code on burnout, the sooner you’ll get back on your feet to fulfill your mission in the world.


Your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are interconnected. Through this video series, you’ll:

  • Change your feelings without changing your circumstances
  • Learn the truth behind your lack of time for self-care
  • Find out the symptoms and steps for recovery from burnout
  • Understand how beliefs contribute to burnout


Dr. Sharon Grossman

Author of the Amazon bestseller, The 7E Solution to Burnout
Psychologist and success coach for the past 20 years

Growing up, I heard adults talk about how they dreaded going to work. I became determined to find a fulfilling career. Now I help other professionals and entrepreneurs rediscover their joy at work and in life.


“Dr. Sharon has helped me to increase my confidence, clarify my vision, and she has equipped me with the tools and blueprint to navigate this tough terrain.

She constantly plants the seeds to make me think BIGGER…and the feeling is exhilarating…”

Karren E. Henderson

Founder, Craeimar Enterprises

“Dr. Sharon was fantastic in helping unblock some life changing events that were affecting me for years.

I was also having difficulty balancing my work and life schedule. She helped me set up a plan to spend more time with my kids.”

Tom Schoensee

Senior System Designer

“I feel like I gained insights into myself and my habits, patterns of behavior, and my expectations of myself.

I was able to contextualize my goals and what I want out of life. My experience working with Dr. Sharon was very positive and empowering.”

Kerri Johannson, M.D.

Lung Specialist and Clinical Researcher