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Dr. Sharon trains executive teams using her Optimal Performance @ Work Series. Her dynamic style weaves together stories, memorable bite-sized chunks of knowledge, and actional tips.

Understanding Burnout

Decoding Burnout for Optimal Work Performance


  • Identify burnout symptoms in yourself and others and which of the 12 stages they are in
  • Uncover how adversity in childhood and other forms of conditioning have influenced their beliefs and ways of coping
  • Pinpoint the three biggest environmental influences on their well-being that contribute to burnout
  • Decode your personality type and how it leads to burnout


Chronic stress can lead anyone to burnout, but if you don’t understand the specific factors led you to burn out, you may not be targeting the right interventions. This can lead to a recurrence of the problem. This training will uncover the three primary factors that contribute to burnout and targeted solutions so you can customize your recovery and ensure prevention moving forward.


How to Turn Your Resilience from Zero to HERO


  • Relax: Turn down the arousal, manage your mind, and increase your stress threshold
  • Reflect: Identify where you gain and lose energy and how you cope under stress
  • Rebound: Boost resilience to stress with the HERO elements of Psychological Capital and boost your confidence to take on challenges, persevere, and bounce back


Leaders, managers and professionals in high-stress industries are burning out in alarming numbers. As a result, they feel drained in their bodies, stressed in their minds, and feel powerless about their experience. In this training, led by burnout expert, trainer, and speaker Dr. Sharon Grossman, we turn all this around. Participants develop self-awareness about their coping style when under stress, identify the root causes of their burnout, and increase resilience to stress with the HERO elements of Psychological Capital to prevent burnout from happening.

Burnout Prevention

How to Prevent Burnout When Working in a Team


  • Minimize interpersonal stress by reducing conflict
  • Leverage each others’ strengths to reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Improve communication through emotional literacy
  • Transform obstacles to self-care and boundary setting into a strategy


When we are stressed out, we are more likely to become reactive. This translates into less being less strategic about both work engagement and coping. As a result, stress accumulates and over time can lead to burnout. In this talk, burnout expert, Dr. Sharon Grossman, help participants tap into personality science to better understand themselves and their coworkers.By increasing their Emotional Intelligence skills, they can work more collaboratively, strategically, and avoid burnout.

Burnout Recovery

Burnout Recovery: How to Get Back to Yourself


  • POOR COPING – Eliminate the behaviors that provide temporary relief but create long-term problems
  • HOW TO RECOVER – Find out which universal strategies can help you recover from burnout at work and in life.
  • INTEGRATING RECOVERY AND PERSONALITY – Compile burnout recovery strategies that align with your unique personality.
  • ALIGN WITH YOUR VALUES – Identify what you value most and which of your current behaviors and tasks align with those values


Burnout’s main symptoms include exhaustion, cynicism, and depersonalization. That means that in addition to feeling physically drained and emotionally resentful, many people lose themselves when they are burned out. In this presentation by burnout expert, Dr. Sharon Grossman, participants will identify coping strategies to avoid as well as ways to recover their energy, positivity, and sense of identity based on their personality and values.


Dr. Sharon helped distill the root causes of my burnout which helped me develop a plan of action to reduce my stress and heal my burnout.
Annalee C.

Dr. Sharon is engaging, brilliant, enthusiastic, and insightful. I gained tools that I can implement in my daily life to be my best self.
Kerri J.

Sharon’s workshop on burnout was engaging and interactive, filled with practical tips for how to thrive in professional and personal life.
Lauren R.